Over the past few years, we have worked very hard at streamlining our services, both to eliminate paper and develop an easy system for both staff and homeowners to find important documents.

We are now able to sync our in-house community association software with our community association websites through Senearthco.com. This allows us to provide a greater level of service, with just a few clicks of the mouse. Here are some of the features our valued clients have access to at no additional charge:

  • Pay online via E*check, ACH and direct payment (homeowners)
  • Send broadcast messages to all unit owners within a matter of seconds (associations)
  • Submit a maintenance request that is stored, tracked and fully viewable (homeowners)
  • Create community newsletters and post them on the site (associations)
  • Access an opt-in online homeowner directory, including board members (associations)
  • Access logs, management reports and more (associations)
  • Find association documents, meeting minutes, financials and more
  • See payments, check numbers and dates (homeowners)

To learn more Request a Proposal, or pick up the phone and call us at (978)-694-9004

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